Looking to the Future

When The Unrest Lifts

What we remember will be a lesson for all.. Our strength that carried us when we thought we would fall..

When the unrest lifts

And our earth is clear ..

And our hearts feel safe

And free from fear ..

When our sadness subsides

To make room for smiles

And we’ve grieved our loss

And reconciled ..


What we remember will be a lesson for all..

Our strength that carried us when we thought we would fall..

Our unity world over .. connecting everyone..

our commitment, our passion..

The invisible war that we won..

We’ll remember when the darkness let in the light ..

When we realised what was important upon our plight ..

Spending time with loved ones..

Making time to talk..

laughter, love & freedom

And just a simple walk..

Opening our eyes to the wonders..

of each day that we greet

From the sky up above us

to the earth beneath our feet ..

respecting all the people who worked so hard to save ..

and never forgetting our heroes ..

Who’s lives they sadly gave ..

We will remember the rainbows ..

That lit up our skies,

We will remember the FaceTime ..

And tearful goodbyes,

We’ll remember cuppas on doorsteps

And bingos in streets,

Thursday night clapping ..

With We Will Rock You beats

And when our children gave hope

Painting rainbows galore ..

On everyone’s windows and everyone’s door 🌈

Well remember heart-lifting on doorsteps

With deliveries of food ..

With a chat & a smile

To lift up the mood

We will remember how communities

Joined together as one .

And worked together tirelessly

And got the job done

Well remember how families

Had time to spare

And how our world healed

And smog became clear

Because it’s the importance of hope..

That will carry us through..

And these are my hopes, my wishes, my love…

Sent to all of you ❤️

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