Looking Back

Celebrations at St Nicholas’ and St Mary’s Churches

During Lockdown some of our church members have celebrated some significant events but not exactly in the way they had planned.

Dot and Harry Birch celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday 27 August and should have been recognising this achievement in Worcester Cathedral with church friends on our annual church pilgrimage

Instead we did a Zoom online service during which as part of a Question and Answer session with the couple we learnt about how they met, what their wedding was like and their secrets for a happy marriage. We also had the chance to see not just Dot’s wedding dress which she still has but also the dress she wore to the dance where she first met her future husband, which also still hangs in her wardrobe (Harry doesn’t still have his wedding suit!)

Sheila also celebrated her 90th birthday during Lockdown on 9 September. Sheila had planned great celebrations with a concert by the Liverpool Male Voice Choir of which her late husband John had been a longstanding member, this of course could not take place. Instead her church friends organised  a surprise Zoom on the evening of her birthday which included input from the Mayor of Halewood and ‘attendance’ by members of the Male Voice choir, resplendent in their uniforms, and a special recording they had made for her of her favourite piece ‘Breathe on me Breath of God’ to say that Sheila was ‘gobsmacked’ was an understatement

Lockdown has ‘put the mockers’ (technical term) on a lot of events which people had planned but with some love and thought and prayer there are ways around things.

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“Lockdown has ‘put the mockers’ on a lot of events which people had planned but with some love and thought and prayer there are ways around things. ”

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