Looking Back

That Day in March

That day in March 2020 was  very worrying, Those words Pandemic and Covid 19 raging through the world were very frightening, listening to the news and seeing people’s fear of the unknown. Learning across the world many people were becoming very Ill and many losing  their lives

😷🙈 What is this that’s heading towards us🙈😷🗯💬

I manage a local Community centre and I knew after speaking to many of our Groups, all ages ,sexes from all walks of life who depended on us throughout the year normally but under this spell of the dreaded Covid 19We had to do something after hearing there is a lockdown starting for 12 weeks was imminent .we put a plan of action in place sent letters out to over 100 elderly people within our community and took it from there many volunteers joined our team to cook and deliver meals on meals to those 100 people.

We then focused on people contacting us who lost their jobs and were in despair, children were going hungry, people not knowing who to turn to, Knowsley also set up a hub where we were  able  to forward them on to Angie and Leanne at the hub, this took a lot of stress from us. before we knew the ball was rolling everyone was networking together to get the best results we could possibly get through this Covid 19 outbreak. Our pictures tell a story.

500 meals a week and over 50 hampers, we couldn’t have done this without the fantastic communities we live in.

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