Looking Back

A Poem by Pat

Since I’ve last been to church

I feel that I’ve been left in the lurch

What shall I do? Where shall I go?

Pat, Church isn’t a building you know.


Michaela came up with the idea of zoom

you don’t need to go out, just stay in your room

the fun we have had with one another

Press this and no, it’s really no bother.


You’re over 70, you can’t go to the shops

you can go for a walk, but just round the blocks

To fill in the time, some cakes you can bake

But there’s no flour around! O for goodness sake!


As the weeks went by, restrictions were eased

‘Hurrah’ we said, we were ever so pleased

you can now go out and get on a bus

But a mask you must wear so don’t make a fuss.


As the second wave came and cases did rise

lockdown loomed, it wasn’t a surprise

So stock up with toilet rolls and purchase the flour

Put a smile on your face, this is no time to glower.


The advice from SAGE is that you can now mix *

but the maximum number I’m afraid is six

The can do’s and can’t do’s are messing my head

I know what I can do, I’m going to bed!!!!

*Correct at time of writing 12/9/2020


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