Looking Back

Covid, Covid Go Away!

First my Grandad next my Mum, Covid Covid your so dumb!

Our whole house is in isolation, and the whole world is affected by this situation.

Our elderly community scared and lonely, left worried for more reasons than one.

Thinking………. Will I be next, I feel so lonely, who can I turn to?

Is there an end to this? It seems to me things are getting worse instead of getting better.

Are people serious about this? Are they following the rules? Are the rules enough to protect us?

The Me2ucentre had to close again-what an absolute shame.

The effects this has on the me2u family;

No love and support.

No hot meal for lunch

No music to make us happy.

No cups of tea with our friends.

No wash and blow.

No men`s room to play pool.

Our lovely home closed because of you COVID!!!

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“No cups of tea with our friends. No wash and blow. No men`s room to play pool.”

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