Looking Back

I’m Here Again

It’s intriguing to see how we are all coping in our different ways. It never makes any sense to me that some days seem a lot longer than others, yet there is still only 24 hours in every day, I truly think the older I get the faster time goes by.

My car has been sitting on my path since March 12th, Lockdown Day for me, and being in the Shielding Group I haven’t even been out for a walk (I went for a walk the first week of Lockdown then the advice changed  to no walks). I’d turned the engine a couple of times, then I was advised the car needed a run ,which I did Saturday morning. I was looking forward to the adventure, because I had heard that Kirkby Townie had changed- a lot of new shops being built, and a  car park. It’s funny how small things can be important when you have nothing to do. What surprised me was how I felt about going out of the cocoon that I’ve been living in for the last twelve weeks . I was apprehensive about it. This is from me, a woman who tattles the M6, M25 , and other various motorways in my stride. What I felt was  most unexpected: a little bit scared I think, and then I saw people old and young going about their lives as if nothing else was happening ,and that I found fascinating. I went up the M57 to Prescot, a journey I do several times a week in normal times, I came back via Kirkby Townie, and it has changed- like our lives me thinks! After this I’m a little bit worried how I’m going too feel when I’m allowed out into whatever the ‘New Normal’ might be, but that’s for another day.

On a lighter note. I love poetry and while I was tidying my spare room which I named (and my family also know as) The Tardis, I was dusting when I came across a lovely poem my granddaughter Georgia composed for me, I think she was about 12 at the time (she now is 19). I shed a few tears reading it, like grandparents all over the country missing our grandchildren.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope some of you understand  how  I’m feeling  in this very  unusual time. There  is no template on how we should cope or how we should feel, as the  impact of this has never happened before.

Take care and be safe.

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