Bit of Everything

Bit of Everything has been a lifesaver during lockdown.

Bit of Everything is a group for young people/young adults with additional needs that has been together for three years as a community constituted group, run by mums and Sean di Sora and Dan Pendleton.

We did meet each week at the Huyton Library but since lockdown we have been having weekly sessions on zoom. This has been an absolute lifesaver as it’s the only time our group have been able to see each other as we have all been shielding.

It has been great to be able to see each other on zoom each week as we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Sean has some brilliant ideas every week and our kids really look forward to seeing each other, and hearing each others news, as we know some have felt so isolated and are looking forward to being able to be together again-whenever that maybe.

“We really cannot thank Sean and Dan enough as our zoom sessions have been a lifesaver.”

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“Our Zoom sessions have been a lifesaver”

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