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  • A morning walk
  • Looking down at Knowsley from a hot air balloon
  • An article for the local paper
  • A postcard to a friend overseas
  • A note to include in a 2040 time capsule
  • A diary entry on 31st December 2020
  • Looking out of a window at sunrise
  • A letter to my past self
  • A snapshot of an ordinary day
  • A dream about Knowsley
  • A WhatsApp post to your community group
  • A letter to people who don’t yet live in my neighbourhood
  • Finding something that reminds you of a 2020 memory
  • The object that sums up 2020
  • A person in the community who you admire
  • What happened in your neighbourhood that summed up 2020
  • The place where you found safety and security
  • Unexpected news that changed your world
  • A meeting with a stranger
  • A group of friends decide to do something together
  • Discovering a place you never knew existed
  • Everything I can see right now
  • The actions of a small group of people
  • A socially distanced Knowsley
  • How it makes me feel hopeful
  • What I most love about this is…
  • The way this changed my neighbourhood
  • What you plan to do in response
  • The way this affects our young people in future
  • What you’ve learned that will change Knowsley’s future
  • Why your views changed
  • Something in your future you feel sure about
  • How your place in the community changed
  • The change I want to see in Knowsley
  • The people who need support
  • A feeling that drives you to want to make change

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I wanted to share pics taken in my garden over lockdown with the lovely spring weather we have had. It gave me a great lift to see nature co...

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Giving It a Go

Giving It a Go

I don’t know where to start really. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a number of years.  I basically never went out anywhere...

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Celebrations at St Nicholas’ and St Mary’s Churches

Celebrations at St Nicholas’ and St Mary’s Churches

During Lockdown some of our church members have celebrated some significant events but not exactly in the way they had planned. Dot and Harr...

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Street Bingo

Street Bingo

I started volunteering with Innovate Volunteering after retirement, nearly 2 years ago. I had been in the same job for 30 years and was eage...

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