Looking to the Future

We All Came Together and Look Where It’s Led

When we get through this, what will we see?

A big family gathering

Maybe a drunk party….or 3


Again visiting care homes

To see my Nanny Stew

Hugging and kissing

Not only for her, but her care workers too


Protecting the vulnerable for them has been such a sesh’

I kid you not when I say, God Bless Our NHS

Our children play freely, no longer afraid to get too close

Happily playing tag, see you later class bubble, adios!


Mum’s multitasking has no longer increased by 50 fold…

She can even go the gym again

So look out world…behold


Going on holiday, without having to cancel

‘Starting’ in the airport without fear of that ‘covid spancel’

Communities together, even stronger than before.

To think this all began, with a knock on the door.


No more social isolation, everyone always seeing another

Cause this is our borough of choice and we look after each other.

Struggle is banished, no more one egg to last him the week.

His cupboards now full, his stomach filling as we speak.


You see, we all came together and look where it’s led

Knowsley is healthy and happy and everyone fed!


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