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Stop Panicking Girl!

I contacted the emergency helpline when I was shielding and my daughter, who normally did my shopping, got Covid. My daughter lives quite a distance away and has 2 small children, who I have only seen once, in my garden, since March. My daughter does what she can now she is recovering.  I had nobody else to do shopping as my son lives with me and he is also shielding, we are both on the extremely vulnerable list. I have also been waiting for an operation which has been cancelled again and I have not been outside the house for months.

I got in touch with the council’s hotline and they arranged a volunteer to come and do my shopping. At first Antony went for my shopping and then I was able to get food deliveries, but he still picks my bread, milk, and potatoes every week and my prescriptions. He has been really good, I don’t know what I would have done without him. Even on my worst days he makes me laugh and sometimes he is the only person I see for weeks…my son spends all his time in another room and he struggles with depression and other health conditions.

As long as I’ve got this support and I know I can get food and prescriptions I can cope with lockdown. I asked Antony if he will still come if we go into lockdown and he just said ‘stop panicking girl’ and told me not to worry.

I am grateful for everything people have done for me. I have felt a bit down lately and I know that if things get any worse, I can phone the hotline and they can advise me.

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“I asked Antony if he will still come if we go into lockdown and he just said ‘stop panicking girl’ and told me not to worry.”

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