About this project

Until the end of 2020, you can share your stories on this site. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of Knowsley when we begin our recovery from Covid-19.

The pandemic continues to test us all. We want to share the stories of our community: to understand what is happening and how things have changed during the lockdown periods, and to involve you as influencers of Knowsley’s COVID-19 recovery plans and 2030 Strategy ambitions.

We are inviting any resident or citizen of Knowsley to share their story. This could be a story about what you’ve been experiencing in your community and how life has changed in your neighbourhood. It could be a story about the future – a way of explaining what sort of place you want Knowsley to be; your hopes and aspirations for better times. You can submit your story in any form you want; by video, as a picture, a written story, a photograph – any way that you like.

You’ll be able to submit stories until the end of December. In 2021, The Young Foundation will be hosting a series of events (online or offline) for you to explore your stories together – and through this work, create a BIG story for change.

This project has been created by The Young Foundation, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, and in partnership with Knowsley Council.

The Young Foundation’s mission is to develop better connected and more sustainable communities across the UK. As a UKRI accredited Independent Research Organisation, social investor and community development practitioner, we combine all our skills and expertise, to further that mission. We work with a wide range of national and international organisations from across government, industry and not-for-profit sectors and can help you understand what people in communities think, feel and experience; support communities to take action on the things they care about.

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Knowsley is one of the six Local Authority districts in the Liverpool City Region. Located in the heart of the North West between the two thriving cities of Liverpool and Manchester, the borough covers an area of 33 square miles; just over ten miles from south to north, and up to seven miles across. The borough comprises a belt of large suburban towns and villages: Huyton, Kirkby, Prescot, Whiston and Halewood. Knowsley’s COVID-19 Community Support and Volunteer Hub was created to help Knowsley residents, particularly older and vulnerable people, those who are self-isolating without support from family and friend, and those facing financial hardship.

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Thanks to National Lottery players, up to £600 million has been made available to support communities throughout the UK during the Coronavirus crisis. The National Lottery Community Fund is playing a critical role in supporting people, projects and communities during these challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges to communities across the UK and The National Lottery has focused on getting much-needed emergency support out to communities and the sector. But it has also demonstrated the very best of civil society, which has met this huge challenge with creativity, commitment and a desire for change. The Emerging Futures funding is enabling 51 community partnerships to collaborate, listen and share different experiences, narrate and tell their stories and to imagine, together, what is possible in the future. The partnership will use ‘enquiries’ to invite new thinking and imagination, and support a place to experiment with community and people-led ideas.

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